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Ease In, Ease Out


1ml Delta 8
Disposable Vape

Discover the natural powers of

Delta 8 THC with Kynn’s premium

disposable vape. Find relief through this instant experience of ease and comfort.

Whether you crave the original taste of cannabinoids or want to enjoy refreshing,

sweet flavors, we've got you covered.

Start your vaping journey from here.

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Everyone deserves an outlet, whether it be for stress relief or simply enjoying the pleasures of life. When we discovered the natural powers of cannabinoids and how they can gratify one’s body, mind, and soul, an inner calling led us to bring relief and companionship to you.

"It's helped me relax, and I'm in a better mood. Best part is it makes me extra productive during the day."

Sarah T.

"By far the best effect for me with the vape is the long resolution towards sobriety. Feels like floating in a lazy river on a perfect day."

Abe F.

"It is definitely the best D8 product I’ve ever used. It does the kick and the high lasts a while….very pleasant relaxing high. Maybe not as hard as a D9 rip but it slowly gets to you. "

Shane H.

"While there are controversies around D8 right now with the potential impure byproducts, Kynn is by far the cleanest D8 product I’ve tried so far. It’s much much cleaner than those dirty D9 street carts and I’m so glad I have access to this. Firm supporter of Kynn! "

Marielle G.


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