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Kynn-Ease In, Ease Out

Ease In, Ease Out

Inspired by the beauty, hospitality and warmth of nature, Kynn was founded with the sole purpose of guiding a better living for people and the world. Each blend is crafted to get you back into your natural zone of relaxation or creativity.


Our exclusive dual-vent technology prevents clogging which grants a continuous and undisturbed hit, creating a mesmerizing buzz rivaled by none. Also known for our Michelin star taste and rich flavor, our Delta 8 provides a journey everyone will love and keeps them coming back.

That’s our promise, that’s Kynn 

Blanket-Like Buzz_1.png

Blanket-Like Buzz

The ultimate comfort and enjoyable high

Tickle Your Taste Buds_2.png

Tickle Your Taste Buds

Weedy, fruity, and everything in between

Clog-Free Experience_3.png

Clog-Free Experience

Proprietary ceramic core and dual air-vent technology

Batch Tested_4.png

Batch Tested

Safeguards your consumption experience

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3ml THC-P Blend-Watermelon Z.png

3ml THC-P Blend Disposable Vape


KYNN 2ml Live Resin_blue DREAM.png

2ml Live Resin Delta 8 Disposable Vape



2ml Delta 8 Disposable Vape


About Kynn.jpg

Everyone deserves an outlet, whether it be for stress relief or simply enjoying the pleasures of life. When we discovered the natural powers of cannabinoids and how they can gratify one’s body, mind, and soul, an inner calling led us to bring relief and companionship to you.

"These disposables are awesome. It’s an inspiring strain! It has really deep terpenes and has a nice creative flow. Doesn’t spike up too fast and is very pillow-y on the descent. (Blue Dream) "

Sarah T.

"The devices are top-notch, very smooth draw, so far hasn't clogged. So far the product hits fairly quickly. The high was very enjoyable. 9 out of 10."

Abe F.

"I really liked this one! It tasted GREAT, maybe the best tasting one I have tried yet. It tasted just like a weed pen with no plastics or anything. The effects were pleasant.  "

Shane H.

"This was the best delta 8 disposable I have tried. It tasted really good and didn't make me cough. It doesn't hit you hard but the effects were great. "

Marielle G.

"Very light pleasant taste. Smooth hit. I actually felt the effects from this one. Made me feel super mellow and relaxed. First D8 disposable I actually like. (Watermelon Z) "

Shan S.

"Very pleasant effect and flavor, definitely slaps a bit and I really like the design. The oil is clean and clear and doesn't have any tint to it or leeching from the metals.  "

George K.

"I only use Kynn every night and in the office. Kynn Delta 8 is much better. All the other THCO Delta 10 Delta11 etc doesn't have the same effects.  "

Thomas K.

delta 8 disposable

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